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Shobha D., Spain

Courses come and courses go. Today online courses proliferate our lives. Then comes Evelyn's courses… Online. At own pace. Own responsibility. 4 weeks long.

The question is do you really want a course that will change the way you think? The way you perceive?
Take your meditation to another level? Do you really want to feel the chakras? Who is part of your lineage? Who are your ancestors?
Are you willing to have your life turned upside down in the quest for truth?

If yes! A fully embracing yes then come and join us as we step into the depth of our true self.
If not! Then all is good and we catch you on the next round!

In either case; as we start grinding the oxidization from our rusty swords- our being - no matter what walk of life you are from …. Evelyn guides us through. Come join.

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Doorways to Infinity: 4 Weeks  Chakra Mastery

Are you aware that there is a much deeper way to access the chakras? One that really changes your consciousness and opens your energy body? One that leads you closer to your soul and the eternal essence of who we are? What if you can really "tap" into each of the chakras and their multidimensionality, activate them, heal from inside, and raise your frequency, one chakra at a time? What if the topics of each chakra would "show" themselves in your external reality? Ready to explore the chakras like the ancient sages and walk on your sacred path of rememberance? Let me show you what is possible and what multidimensionality actually means.

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My courses go deep into the metaphysical properties of each chakra. Most people don't even know what they are actually about! The chakras are an ancient map of your energy body. The sages of India worked with them and with it, opened their connection to the elements and started to see how the boundaries between the physical and the etheric reality start to blur. What if problems can be addressed from a higher space? Interested? Download my free booklet and find out!

Download the quiz here!

Ancient Wisdom as a Doorway to Infinity 

The star Methuselah (HD 140283) is known as the "Ancient of Days". With an age of 14.3 billion years, it is even older than our universe. We called our school Methuselah to pay reverence to the ancient one that foresaw the universe in its entirety before its existence. We also pay respect to those earliest teachings that unveil the deeper essence of your being. When we tap into that first point of primordial light we tap into the original mystery of humanity and come closer to the truth of our existence. As there was a first point of light in the cosmos, so too were there the first-born sciences, the original teachings, such as the wisdom of ancient Yoga, the astronomy of astrology, energy meditations, traditional healing modalities, and the 78 attributes of tarot found in the Tree of Life.

We are here to show you how the ancient Yogis achieved mastery through the path of the subtle energy body. We will show you how your consciousness can be gradually expanded. We also help you reveal your soul purpose and the psycho-spiritual archetypes that seek embodiment through your life. By accessing the "language of nature" we will better describe the obstacles on your path, why they exist, and how they can be removed. We will point out your acclaims of fortune and how they can be enhanced. We will reveal in the most intimate of ways those mysteries of yourself that you were unaware of and that await, hidden, within the fathoms of your unconscious and the depth of your subtle body. We will guide you on your journey of soul alignment, healing, personal development, energetic mastery, soul actualization, and self-realization. Welcome to a journey to infinity!

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~Florence Briot, Portugal

A week ago I finished the course on Muladhara and I have been able to open a lifetime issue/block. The type of issue that years of therapy, self-development methods, and "spiritual journey" did not touch. As a result whilst I am still in the process of integration, I am already feeling physically and emotionally more grounded, energy in my legs circulating, the mind calmer. Somehow my mind cannot grasp the enormity of the shift. Evelyn is a very skillful facilitator with a rare extended knowledge of yoga resources. After our first meeting and during all the process I have felt held by her with clear boundaries, spacious compassion and heartfelt warmth. She is absolutely non-judgemental, amazingly humble considering the depth of her expertise and her consistent conscious presence.


Can you 'journey' with Yoga?

We can explore two streams of our existence, who we are beyond mind and the contents of our mind.

We can sit and take a break from thought by noticing that something in us can witness thought. It opens our aperture back up, expands us from inside and the water quiets.

We can also tap into the streams of our mind and journey into the accumulated experiences and beliefs of the often unconscious or subconscious mind, for example through silent or darkness retreats, art therapy, breathwork, rebirthing, distinct meditations, somatic release, different types of bodywork such as myofascial release or craniosacral, shamanic work, traditional holistic medicines, sound baths, prayer, hypnosis, plant medicines. I'm sure there are many more. Depending on soul orientation, some of these will work/resonate with you, some will simply not be for you.

You can also journey very deeply through Yoga and energetic transmissions. Traditional Yoga and yoga therapeutic practices bring things to the surface, they reconnect you to deeper layers, they help you process and release. What's mostly unknown in the West is that in ancient days, mantras were always used in Yoga practices because they are higher vibrations working on your subconscious.

Energy transmissions are guided meditations infused by a higher frequency that will open, activate and clear.

In my chakra journeys I work with both. Practices and transmissions will direct your focus very specifically to the interior contents of a chakra. T. Krishnamacharya said Yoga therapy is like surgery without incision, ultimately creating new expansive patterns in body and mind.