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Welcome to the second chakra and sphere of your energy body. The following questions will help you understand if my sacral chakra journey calls you forward. Simply answer them from your heart. I'm glad you are here. Much love.

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What is your first and last name?

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And your email?

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In which city and country do you live?

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Would you kindly give us your age?

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My course combines Viniyoga practices with energy transmissions/meditation, silent meditation, and group coaching. Have you done Yoga and/or energetic healing work before?


Yes, Ive practiced Yoga or Viniyoga in a deeper way before


Yes, I have done energy healings before or other spiritual practices


No, I have not practiced Yoga in a deeper way or have done any form of energy healing, but I am keen.

Question 6 of 16

Have you ever felt a special connection to the water element or have you connected to water spiritually or energetically before?

Question 7 of 16

Have you worked with the chakras before in an in-depth way? How do you feel/see or perceive your chakras?

Question 8 of 16

What does the sacral chakra represent for you?

Question 9 of 16

Let's check in with the psychospiritual topics of the sacral chakra. How flexible are you in your life, how much can you enjoy life, how much are you in the flow?

Question 10 of 16

Do your emotions have a strong impact on you? Do you sometimes feel they pull you into drama? Do you know how to deal with your emotions? Is there one emotion that is particularly distressing for you?

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How positive are your relationships? Do you feel you know how your inner masculine and inner feminine look like and are balanced? Do you know which parental programming stands behind your relationship choices? How balanced are giving and taking in your relationships at present?

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The sacral chakra also rules over our reproductive organs, our sexuality, and our deeper desire base. Is that something that you feel you would like to work on, too?

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My course is also a healing journey. Honestly, in which aspect of the sacral cakra do you feel you need healing and why have you not accomplished this so far?

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A part of our desire base has to do with not just this life, but the deeper karmic imprints that rule our life. Have you done karma clearing work before? If so, what kind?

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What are you most excited about in my course?


The Viniyoga practices. Learning how Yoga can be practiced in an energetic way.


The energy transmissions/meditations. Because they connect me stronger to my intuition and spiritual connection.


The workbook. I love reflecting deeper about myself and having a guide and manual throughout the course.


The group coaching calls. Its great to have a place in which I can share my spiritual experiences and also find myself in a group that supports each other throughout this journey.


All of the above. Really excited about this new format and the depth and richness of it all.

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Would you want to participate in a group (997 US $) or also benefit from one-to-one coaching (4997US$)? 


Group Coaching (997 US $)


One-to-one Coaching (4997 US $)

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