Stars of your Soul  

The Astrology of Astronomy


Over Zoom let us show you how the cosmos looked at the moment of your birth. Together, we will decipher your unique star map where we will translate the astronomical positioning of the planets, the ascendant, the midheaven, into their respective archetypes by using our first ever "Tarot Wheel" based on the precision of astronomy. Look into the solar system not only from the perspective of the Earth, but also from the perspective of the Sun, your soul. For the first time ever see where the Earth was within the zodiacal constellations, and so much more. 








Is this You?

⫸ Have you always wanted to find out more about your soul and the beautiful prophecy that the stars painted when you were born?

⫸ Are you eager to know what path was destined for you and is most aligned to your soul?

⫸ Do you wonder what opportunities for growth have been given to you in this life, and how you can overcome them?

⫸ Do you question what kind of karma you came here with and what entraps your mind?

⫸ Do you know how to access your personal "golden age" in which your soul will reach its ultimate novelty?

⫸ Do you ever wonder how to reach your soul mate, or twin flame, and the inner archetypes of masculine and feminine they possess?

⫸ Do you want to see how the stars looked in heaven when you were born instead of just seeing a calculation chart?

⫸ Haven't you always wanted a personal astrological reading but felt that most readings were either standardized, too shallow, or not really addressing the perspective of your soul?

We have answered your prayers. Book a Zoom reading with both of us, a 3-hour long revelation describing the odyssey of your soul. You will be stunned to see just how much of your character, but also your life, was written into the stars when you were born. We will show you directly, on-screen, with multiple professional astronomical programs, the entirety of the heavens, the stars, the planets, and how they translate into the 78 astrological attributes (Tarot) archetypically and metaphysically. We will record the reading for you so that you can always come back to it for your further reference and activation.





Features of the Zoom Reading


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Starscape of your Birth

Have you ever been to a planetarium to look at the magnificence of the universe? Imagine seeing the imprint of the stars as they appeared in the heavens at the moment of your birth. In our readings, we will show you that starry expanse and explore it with you in the unparalleled astronomical beauty only the reality of the heavens can offer. See the planets and know exactly what zodiacal constellations they were stationed in when you were born. Was your Venus in the horns of the Taurus constellation? Was the Earth, or Mercury, conjoined with the Pleiades at the moment of your birth? Perhaps there was a "New Moon" or "Full Moon" conjoined with the star "Regulus" in the heart of the Leo constellation when you first opened your eyes. From what constellations did meteor showers light up the heavens on your special day of birth? If so, what is the special mythology of that constellation? What secrets of the "Akashic Records" do the 88 constellations reveal to your unique birth-print? We will show you the beauty, the uniqueness, the clever positions, of not only the planets of our solar system, but also of the great asteroids such as Chiron and Vesta. Were there any comets streaking across particular constellations on the day of your birth? If so, we will show you where they were and what all of it means for you, spiritually, metaphysically, mythically, and futuristically. Remember, ancient man developed the first letters, the first instruments of language itself from the stars. They hold the keys to your essence, past, and future. We would be honored to walk many miles with you in your mocassins deciphering your story and your path. 

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Esoteric Wisdom  

The Golden Dawn was among the first that started combining the tarot with astrology. But because of the movement of the sun on the ecliptic, their depictions (similar to most astrological calculations) are not accurate anymore. Shane, therefore, invested a lot of time to update the zodiacal wheel and its tarot correspondence. What benefit does it have for you? It displays exact storylines and archetypes that are reoccurring in your life. Every soul has its own distinct lessons of growth and it is very helpful to know what they are- and how to address them! We will show you which archetypes rule your own life- and what your soul's inherent growth potentials are.

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Soul Activation 

The pictures, words, and archetypes that we show you in your reading will lead to a deeper recognition and activation of your own soul. It will help you understand who you came here to be and will support you in your acceptance and love of self.  The message that we both "bring down" during the reading is not just based on the calculations, but also on our own psychic vision. We want you to gain more clarity about who you are, what your potentials are, and how to overcome obstacles. At the same time, we want to offer you a deep cosmic insight into the causal essence of your birth and the messages the planets hope to convey to you. The planets are sentient beings and wish for you the best.

Planetary Spheres and Soul Alignments included in our readings:

⫸ Eastern Horizon and Ascendency

⫸ Midheaven: What is clearly visible and what is hidden in you, also your greatest achievement and guardian angel

⫸ The Sun: Your Life Force and Central Theme

⫸ The Moon and it's nodes: Your spirit, your karmic past and the primary duality of your soul 

⫸ Mercury: Where you are the messenger of the divine and what you are meant to communicate

⫸ Mars: Your inner masculine and your personal sphere of power

⫸ Venus: Your inner feminine and your personal form of intuition

⫸ Saturn: Your personal golden age, what life lesson you are meant to fulfill, and where you gain respect

⫸ Jupiter: The place of your inner expansion in this life and your destiny


What is different about our readings?

  We do not just present to you your planets and stars but will have a dialogue with you. It means that if you have specific questions about your life, we will be happy to answer them.

 We use an astronomical program to look up exactly where the planets were at the time of your birth. Unfortunately, most of the common astrological calculation methods are inaccurate or outdated as the sun moves 1 degree on the ecliptic every 72 years. To offer you a true soul reading, we make sure to show the exact placement of the stars when you were born.

 We bring in ancient knowledge of esoteric astrology, the tree of life, and the tarot from different ancient traditions to decipher your personal mission and path. You will not find this kind of ancient wisdom and revelation in any other reading.

 We offer you the perspectives of the most important planets of your own soular system. They depict your life-force, your past karma, your golden age, your inner masculine, and feminine, your sphere of power, and much more. 

 The astrological placement in your chart corresponds to certain archetypes of the tarot or higher consciousness fields. These archetypes and soul fragments are extremely important for your soul's identity. Our readings will cover these archetypes.

⫸ Our readings come from a space in which both of us as readers, as well as the planets as the messengers, try to support you and your life at this moment of time. Therefore our readings will be highly activating for your soul and your soul mission.


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The result of my report was absolutely stunning. I printed the report and read it actually from the last page, my Firdaria. I saw immediately very personal dates that only I would know. I could not really believe it. The report was very carefully written and very personalized through symbols. It revealed chapters of my life that maybe not even I myself did realize. I also booked a reading and Shane very carefully and open-heartedly explained the methods he used and how everything is linked. I can say stunning, words cannot even describe the enthusiasm. Shane "knew" just my birthday, hour, and place. An incredible experience that I would highly recommend to anyone open to know more about themselves, their life purpose, and path. Thank you so very much.

~Nicoleta Bot, Germany

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Our reading is perfect for You if...

 you are interested in diving deep into your soul's landscape

 you are a bit lost about your soul's mission on this earth and need answers

 you would love to see more of the stars and deeper sky objects that lit up the heavens when you were born

 you want to find out about your inner soulmate/ twin flame

 you would like to know in which country your life would be in alignment with your soul or fulfill certain needs

 you are interested in the inner archetypes that guide your life and want to be expressed through you

 you want to know past karma and where you soul wants to move in this life

 you are interested in your personal ascendency and how to walk your path in alignment to the planets


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