Doorways to Infinity: Mūlādhāra 

Take a 4-week long deep dive into the root chakra and start your journey of consciousness!


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How to stand your ground, come from a place of inner authority, release tensions and empower your reality

A Yogic discovery of the energetics and metaphysical topics of the root chakra. A profound journey of consciousness and an experiential deep dive into the subtle anatomy of your being. Realize how your life transforms through sincere work on the subtle body. Free yourself of the nagging voice of self-doubt, comparison, and not feeling good enough. Gain an awareness of how to energetically center in yourself. Find the root causes for these patterns and release them. See how your relationship with yourself and your family change in just four weeks.  Commit more fully to the path of your soul, open your spiritual gifts, and meet yourself in a deeper way.

I welcome you to a powerful ancient path of inner self-discovery and energetic mastery. Let's start at the root!


Testimonial Yassica F., England 

Many sensitives and empaths have a hard time grounding. As they are more aware of energetic information and their receptivity and sensitivity are heightened, they often feel overwhelmed or bombarded by the number of messages that flood through their system.

As you work spiritually, your energetic field also becomes more transparent and less "physicalized", allowing more light to stream through. 

Grounding helps you not just be less washed away by energetic input, but it will also make the energetic messages more clear and streamlined as your energy is concentrated vertically. There is less scattering. 

In this video, dear healer and artist Yassica shares some of her experiences with my Doorways to Infinity Muladhara course and how that deeper connection to the earth made her feel stronger and more connected at the same time. Yassica is an intuitive artist and a channel for healing and higher frequential art.

Mūlādhāra- grounding into your soul!

4 weeks that will empower your reality! The Outline:

  • Week 1: Grounding and reconnecting to the earth element. Learn how to release energy downwards and access nourishment from the earth. Feel what it means to become centered, calm and strong. Connect deeper to the earth mother and start tapping into your root chakra. Release tensions, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • Week 2: Healing the inner child. Explore what safety means to you. Find out which negative beliefs sit in your body and how to install more helpful and supportive values in your body and life. Release patterns of self-sabotage. Learn how to access the wisdom of the body to guide you.
  • Week 3: Ancestral healing. Clear and heal your family lines on the earth. Learn how to connect to family and ancestry and re-establish your standing and authority in this life. Understand what has been passed down energetically, but also open up to the spiritual gifts of your ancestry.
  • Week 4: Self-Value/Trust/ Abundance. Expand your abundance mindset. Re-establish a deep trust in yourself and the universe. Understand your value. Affirm your right to exist.

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Group Coaching 579.- US $

One-to-One Coaching 997.- US $ 


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Michaela H., Italy

This course is a recommendation from my heart
Evelyn Einhaeuser accompanies me for several years now. As a Yoga teacher and mentor, and also as a Vedic Chant teacher. 
Evelyn creates spaces of deep healing and inner realization. Her teachings are incredibly enriching, and she offers profound and competent wisdom in the fields of Yoga and astrology. 
She is extremely attentive and sensitive to the needs of her students. Because of her loving nature, you feel very safe with her. 
I can recommend her chakra series to everyone. It was life-changing for me. It goes deeper than deep. 
I am following the Yogic path for 20 years now, but I never had such intense experiences in my Yoga or meditation practice like the experiences I had with her chakra series. Even though I worked with Evelyn over a year ago on the chakras, I still feel such profound gratitude. 

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Group Coaching 579.- US $

One-to-One Coaching 997.- US $ 


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The elements of your root chakra mastery:

Viniyoga Root Chakra Practices

At the core of each week, lies one pre-recorded Viniyoga chakra practice that incorporates not just āsana-s, but powerful ancient Yogic tools such as nyāsa (placements), bhāvana (visualization), prāṇāyāma (breathwork), and mudrā-s (special Yogic or Kaya= full-body seals). Many of these tools are barely known in the West! Each practice will not only activate and balance the root chakra energetically, but will also help support and sustain you through your personal transformation journey and inner realization. Feel how deep Yoga can go!

Personal Workbook

This workbook will be your steady companion through all four weeks of the course and way beyond it. In each week, it will offer you the space to go within and inquire into your belief systems, outworn habits, but also become more clear about your personal strengths and spiritual potentials. It will offer you additional advice and practices, support you, make you accountable, and will allow you to keep track of the energetic and spiritual momentum throughout all four weeks.


Energy Transmissions/ Meditations

Each week, you will receive a powerful energy transmission, visualization, and guided meditation (videorecording) that supports the opening and activation of your subtle energy body. The transmissions offer you spaces of higher vibration in which you can meet yourself on a deeper level and connect with your own higher self/consciousness. My meditations will help you accept and change patterns, but they will also accelerate your spiritual gifts and your connection to your deeper essence in everyday life.  

Group Coaching Calls

Every week, we will meet as a group over zoom and you will find the support you need. You will have a place to share what is happening inside you and coming up through the practices and the energy transmissions. If you do energetic work and open your subtle body, your outside life will start reflecting back to you the topics that you are working on. The inside becomes the outside. When everyone shares from their heart their inner processes, healing occurs for all. Because you start seeing yourself in the problems of another and you know you are not alone. These group coaching calls are essential for your healing and transformation.


  • Private Chakra Exploration Facebook Group for your everyday support and practice reports

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Group Coaching 579.- US $

One-to-One Coaching 979.- US $ 

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What people are saying about the Viniyoga practices:

"These intense practices have given me an experience of what chakra actually means and how I can activate it. I have never had this experience before."- Magi G, Germany

"I understood even more how important mantra-s are. It was astonishing to experience how much transforms energetically when adding mantra-s to a practice. The āsana-s in combination with mantras worked so deeply."- Denise W, Germany

"Despite practicing yoga and various disciplines for many years, I had never practiced viniyoga. Doing the practices every day while chanting the mantras was very powerful and took my grounding practices to a whole new level! I was focused on having a stronger connection and clarity around voice and expression. I found that my breathing improved and felt an energetic expansiveness around my mouth, throat, and nose. I could sense more clarity around my work and in the way I could relate it to others, and my boundaries and confidence felt stronger."- Yassica, England

"I loved the grounding practice! Even though I’m not new to the Viniyoga practices, I was amazed at how much deeper you can go in them and how much more support you can gain from Mother Earth."- Mila N., Russia



What people are saying about the workbook:

"It was great! Especially the questions for inner reflection. Really amazing that with its help one could reflect on the themes throughout the week".- Carmen G, Germany

"It’s so beautiful, it’s a piece of art! Just a pleasure to look at it and also very helpful to help to reflect on things in life that maybe you don’t really pay attention to normally."- Mila N., Russia

"I loved the design and the layout of the workbook. So inviting <3 I also love how it gave me context for the practice/meditation each week- which was very helpful for my understanding & integration"- Runhild P, Norway

What people are saying about the energy transmissions/ meditations:

"The meditations offer very profound experiences and reached me on a very deep level. Through them, a completely new and deep reflection opens up."-Sabine B, Germany

"I was feeling depleted and the beautiful earth meditation helped restore and raise me. Thank you."- Julia, USA

"Meeting the ancestors in meditation was a revelation. The support, the sharings from them will keep growing."- Shobha D, Spain

"I loved each and every one of them."- Valerie D, France

"The earth meditation was such a gentle, soothing, & beautiful meditation! I felt so well cared for."- Caroline S, USA

"In the third meditation, the vision of my ancestors was so powerful."- Yassica, England

"Thank you for guiding this beautiful meditation. I felt the connection with Mother Earth. I felt the energy come into my body and I felt tension leave."- Brian, USA

"They were all so powerful!"- Runhild P, Norway

"The meditations are really powerful, I loved them, they really rewrite our programming."- Mila N, Russia
"I loved them all!"- Hitomi N, Belgium
"What an absolutely beautiful meditation! So powerful, yet so gentle. Thank you for your work."- Becky, USA

What people are saying about the group coaching calls:

"The group calls were wonderful. When everyone shared their battles it made me feel that I am not alone. They gave me more courage to be more true to myself and more brave/bold to discover my purpose of existence."- Hitomi N., Belgium
"It was really very interesting to hear other people’s processes as it also helped to think and reflect about myself. It was great to share what I go through and I was amazed how deep the work was! And it was amazing to see how Evelyn held the space and found words of support for each and every one! It was such a beautiful process."- Mila N., Russia
"I liked the calls very much. It was so wonderful to hear other people's journeys and how much they resonate as well. By speaking or knowing I would speak helped me self-reflect further and bring insights. The calls helped 'land' the information. There are so many positives. Evelyn holds space very well for the group. It felt comfortable and safe to share."- Yassica, England 

"Listening to the others was really supportive, in that almost every sharing had something in it for me as well. I loved how you gave context and explanations to everyone. Really really helpful!"- Runhild P, Norway


Mila N., Russia

"Highly recommended! This Muladhara chakra course is beyond amazing! For those who looking for deep healing and transformation! So powerful, I’ve recently done it myself and it exceeded all my expectations!
I was shocked how deep this could go and have such a deep impact on myself and my life!!!
Evelyn is an amazing Viniyoga teacher, and guide. The practices she created are super powerful - Viniyoga practices, energy transmissions, meditations, visualizations..
The program is just amazing - grounding, inner child healing, ancestral healing, and self-value, and creating more abundance in your life!"

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Group Coaching 579.- US $

One-to-One Coaching 979.- US $ 

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Hitomi N., Belgium

"I joined this four-week root chakra training because I simply wanted to have more grounding. I don't especially have childhood trauma but somewhere in my heart, I felt that I needed this course. Here we go, in the first week, after practicing for two days and doing the meditation, I had an unexplainable feeling of grounding - I felt the energy of an elephant which I have never felt before. In the second & the third week, the true transformation and challenge presented itself through the inner child/ ancestral healing. I felt that through the powerful practice and meditation I am able to let go of the patterns that I have held for so long towards my parents and I was able to reconstruct a new relationship with my son. After the final week, I feel I am not only physically grounded but also I am grounded in my heart and spirits.The most beautiful thing in this training is the heart of Evelyn. She is with me in my every morning practice; Her voice & words in the meditation heal me; Her unconditional love spreads into every part of my soul, her presence gives me additional strength to get into my own darkness that I wasn't able to jump in. This is real healing. Real healing is exhausting, hard, and draining. But I let myself go through it and see what it is. I have been there for myself these four weeks with no judgment. I recommend this course to everyone who would like to discover the meaning of your existence. Heal ourselves and then heal humanity. Namaste"

Valerie D., France

"I came to this course because I was very attracted by the energy of the promotional texts (yes... ) I had worked a lot on this first chakra previously, and I felt grounded... but, in a certain way, I wanted to go further. And it worked! I didn't expect something so powerful, but everything was so rich! I loved the daily practices, I loved the meditations with profound healing, and all the group calls were really interesting. I am now much more grounded and I dare to use skills I did not until now. I had healings about my lineage also, and I feel more strength and confidence. Evelyn's support was strong also, a deep insight in each story, and very gentle too. I recommend this course to every yoga student that is deeply committed and really wants to go further in his/her exploration of her/his root chakra. Thank you so much."


Rachel F, Canada

"This course gave me the time and space to relook and go deeper into the psychospiritual topics of the root chakra. Finding, exploring, discovering, embracing, and embodying me! It has left me with more space inside to breathe. To BE. To see. to feel. Energetically it has been so helpful and beautiful. To go within and receive that which I am looking for."

Magi G, Germany

"I have found back to my own intuition. For a long time, I have not trusted my inner voice anymore. To find back to that trust alone was already such an incredible step!"  

Renate S., Switzerland

"I feel closer to myself and more aware. I am more connected to nature and the universe again. Feeling the support of my ancestors was an incredibly powerful experience. The mantras and chants work on a very subtle level. I feel calmer and more content. I can highly recommend the course with Evelyn. She is a unique teacher with a lot of sensitivity and great competence."

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Clio G, Italy

"Evelyn was a guide for me in this journey... her presence was warm, gentle, and strong. She helped each one of us as individuals and created an intimate space for the group. Through this journey, I connected deeply with my energy body and realized more fully the importance of connecting with the earth in a spiritual way. The tools that Evelyn gives transformed our understanding in multidimensional ways. It was simple, strong, and beautiful. Thank you for this real teacher."

Runhild P G, Norway

At the beginning of the course, I was in a high state of Vata, spending much energy worrying about how to complete my assignments while at the same time much of my time was eaten up” by Covid restrictions and homeschooling. Already just after one day into the first practice I felt greatly grounded in a way that gave me more structure to complete the tasks at hand. It was as if space opened up when I needed it. I completed my tasks prior to the deadline, which felt great. While there also were unpleasant moments due to shadows surfacing, I felt so supported and held by Evelyn throughout the course. And benefits such as new perspectives about my ancestry and transformed relationships to some of my closest people greatly exceeded the expectations that I had for the course.  Although I am kinaesthetic, the guided practices and meditations provided a deep insight into an even subtler layer. The theories I have learned about the subtle body for instance were integrated or embodied. It was as if parts of my body woke up. I would recommend everyone to go in with an open mind and give yourself the gift of exploring <3 Evelyn offers such a profound and caring safe space for healing the muladhara chakra.



Florence B., Portugal

"A week ago I finished the 4 weeks on Muladhara, the root chakra. It has been such a profound and intense process that it felt more like two months had elapsed. Supported by a daily yoga practice, mantra chanting, pranayama plus weekly powerful meditations I have been able to open up a lifetime issue/block. The type of issue that years of self-development methods and "spiritual journey" did not touch. As a result whilst I am still in the process of integration, I am already feeling physically and emotionally more grounded, energy in my legs circulating, the mind calmer. Somehow my mind cannot grasp/map the enormity of the shift and yet I know this will change my life also in concrete ways. Evelyn is a very skillful facilitator with a rare extended and specific knowledge of yoga resources. After our first meeting and during all the process I have felt held by her with clear boundaries, spacious compassion, and heartfelt warmth. She is absolutely non-judgemental, amazingly humble considering the depth of her expertise and her consistent conscious presence. I am looking forward to continuing this journey under her gentle structured guidance."