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Evelyn Einhaeuser has been exploring the topics of spirituality, healing, and the energy body her whole life. She has worked as the beauty and health director of the German Shape magazine before stepping fully into her soul's calling. She is a certified Viniyoga therapist and teacher, a Vedic chant teacher, and energy intuitive. Evelyn has lived in India for four years and has been trained extensively by Dr. Kaustubha Desikachar and the Viniyoga tradition. She has spent many years exploring the subtle energy body through different paradigms in-depth and has experienced the opening of the chakras and nadi-s inside her own body. All of what she teaches does not come from years of in-depth studies alone, but from her own experience. As a Viniyoga therapist, Evelyn has helped numerous clients heal from various diseases through the tools of Yoga. Moreover, she has also been instrumental in helping people access their own energy bodies, thereby accelerating someone's spiritual path, soul mission, personal development, and deeper realization of themselves. Evelyn's teachings are experiential, energetically subtle and powerful, and deeply spiritual and healing in nature. She has put years of learning, her work with clients in yoga therapy, her dedication to being of service, and her deep love for the ancient energy science of Haṭha and Raja Yoga into developing her chakra course. Her profound soul's work will help you access the subtle realms of your own being in a way that you have not done before and will bring you closer to that in you that is immortal and interconnected with the fabric of all of life.


Shane Froio's story is a mystery. Between the ages of 8 and 9 years old, from 1982 through 1983, Shane underwent a series of "contact" events with an unknown source that can best be described as an interdimensional intelligence emanating from the direction of the Lyra constellation. It is these events, to a large degree, that propelled Shane's otherworldly knowledge base, preparing him for his life's purpose. The esoteric and metaphysical symbology of our solar system, our galaxy, our universe, and the multiverse, is what interests Shane the most. Shane is a master in esoteric sidereal astrology because he is an astronomer first, respecting the science of the stars. He is a seer, a tarot expert, and a kabbalistic Tree-of-Life adept, blending the three knowledge-bases into one theory of everything. Shane has studied many different knowledge bases such as ancient mythology, anthropology, archaeology, and the world's many historical religions; but also, the more modern sciences such as cosmology, quantum mechanics, and astrotheology. He blends all of the great traditions of science into a metaphysical kaleidoscope of the unique and original. As for the philosophy of the spirit and the reason for existence, Shane has an alternate theory in the works of being invented. Regarding the spiritual, Shane sights the works of the Golden Dawn, Gangaji, Rudolph Steiner, and the gnostic traditions of the Essenes, to name a few. Through the interweaving of these many disciplines, Shane is in the process of transforming the Kabbalistic Tree of Life into its original form of the 8-pointed star and finally into a workable model of the E8-Lattice by which the 78 cards of tarot and the astronomy of astrology can deduce, plot, and forecast the events of the universe. Shane doesn't simply possess oracular powers of foresight, he has learned to use them on behalf of nature's will by way of the "Medu Neter", the original 22 hieroglyphs (letters) of the Ancient Egyptians. The 10 planets of our solar system are letters, language. The 12 zodiacal dimensions are as well. Shane uncovers profound mysteries for his clients by making the most complicated subjects understandable. He is known for bringing to life that which has never occurred to the human heart and mind. This in itself can be the elixir needed in a person's journey of becoming. In this way, Shane promotes the process of self-discovery and all that is novel within the "Akasha" of his clients. 

Evelyn and Shane are wife and husband, divine counterparts, and best friends.

Through each one's work as well as their work together they offer profound synergies of ancient wisdom, as well as deep insights into the macrocosmic and microcosmic nature of the soul. 

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