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How to access the creative power of the water element, clear negative karma, transcend unhelpful emotions, and improve your relationships

A Yogic discovery of the energetics and psycho-spiritual topics of the sacral chakra. A profound journey of healing and an experiential deep dive into the subtle anatomy of your being. Realize how your life transforms through sincere work on the subtle body. Learn to deal with unhelpful emotions, increase your creativity, and get a deeper insight into your relationships. Gain an awareness of water as a creative and clearing substance. Find the root causes for negative patterns and recurring storylines in your desire base and karmic past and release them. See how your relationship with others changes in just four weeks.  Commit more fully to the path of your soul, open your spiritual gifts, and meet yourself in a deeper way.

I welcome you to a powerful ancient path of inner self-discovery and energetic mastery.

Svādhiṣṭhāna- the creative essence of your soul!

4 weeks that will transform your reality!

  • Week 1: Reconnecting with your inner and outer waters. Link with water as a creative agent and a clearing substance. Learn ancient ways how to work with the water element through mantra, meditation, and visualization and connect to different forms of water.
  • Week 2: Healing the emotional plane. Learn how to deal with and balance your emotions. Learn Yogic tools for emotional regulation and transcendence. Go deeper into your desire base and understand your soul's impulses.
  • Week 3: Relationship healing. Connect deeply to your inner couple- your divine masculine and divine feminine within. Understand the overlay of parental programming. Clear sexual trauma and negative sexual programming.
  • Week 4: Find the origins of your desire base in the karmic storylines of the past. Clear, heal and overcome karmic cycles that keep you wounded and locked.

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Michaela H., Italy

This course is a recommendation from my heart
Evelyn Einhaeuser accompanies me for several years now. As a Yoga teacher and mentor, and also as a Vedic Chant teacher. 
Evelyn creates spaces of deep healing and inner realization. Her teachings are incredibly enriching, and she offers profound and competent wisdom in the fields of Yoga and astrology. 
She is extremely attentive and sensitive to the needs of her students. Because of her loving nature, you feel very safe with her. 
I can recommend her chakra series to everyone. It was life-changing for me. It goes deeper than deep. 
I am following the Yogic path for 20 years now, but I never had such intense experiences in my Yoga or meditation practice like the experiences I had with her chakra series. Even though I worked with Evelyn over a year ago on the chakras, I still feel such profound gratitude. 

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The pillars of the sacral chakra healing intensive:

Viniyoga Sacral Chakra Practices

At the core of each week, lies one pre-recorded Viniyoga chakra practice that incorporates not just āsana-s, but powerful ancient Yogic tools such as nyāsa (placements), bhāvana (visualization), prāṇāyāma (breathwork), and mudrā-s (special Yogic or Kaya= full-body seals). Each practice will not only open you to the focus of the week and work on the root chakra energetically but will also help support and sustain you through your personal healing journey and inner transformation.

Personal Workbook

This workbook will be your steady companion through all four weeks of the course and way beyond it. In each week, it will offer you the space to go within and inquire into your belief systems, outworn habits, but also become more clear about your personal strengths and spiritual potentials. It will offer you additional advice and practices, will support you, will help you stay accountable, and will allow you to keep track of the energetic and spiritual momentum throughout all four weeks.


Energy Transmissions/ Meditations

Each week, you will receive a powerful energy transmission, visualization and guided meditation (videorecording) that supports the opening and activation of your subtle energy body. The transmissions offer you spaces of higher vibration in which you can meet yourself on a deeper level and connect with your own higher self/consciousness. As you will be able to meet yourself on a deeper level, they will help you accept and change patterns, but they will also accelerate your spiritual gifts and your connection to source in everyday life.  

Group Coaching Calls

Every week, we will meet as a group over zoom and you will find the support you need. You will have a place to share what is happening inside you and coming up through the practices and the energy transmissions. If you do energetic work and open your subtle body, your outside life will start reflecting back to you on the topics that you are working on. When everyone shares from their heart their inner processes, healing occurs for all. Because you start seeing yourself in the problems of another and you know you are not alone. These group coaching calls are essential for your healing and transformation.


  • Private Chakra Exploration Facebook Group for your everyday support and practice reports

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Course & Group Coaching  579.- US $

Course & One-to-one Coaching 997.- US $

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What people are saying about the Viniyoga practices:

"These intense practices have given me an experience of what chakra actually means and how I can activate it. I have never had this experience before."- Magi G, Germany

"I understood even more how important mantra-s are. It was astonishing to experience how much transforms energetically when adding mantra-s to a practice. The āsana-s in combination with mantras worked so deeply."- Denise W, Germany

"Despite practicing yoga and various disciplines for many years, I had never practiced viniyoga. Doing the practices every day while chanting the mantras was very powerful and took my grounding practices to a whole new level! I was focused on having a stronger connection and clarity around voice and expression. I found that my breathing improved and felt an energetic expansiveness around my mouth, throat, and nose. I could sense more clarity around my work and in the way I could relate it to others, and my boundaries and confidence felt stronger."- Yassica, England

"I loved the grounding practice! Even though I’m not new to the Viniyoga practices, I was amazed at how much deeper you can go in them and how much more support you can gain from Mother Earth."- Mila N., Russia



What people are saying about the workbook:

"It was great! Especially the questions for inner reflection. Really amazing that with its help one could reflect on the themes throughout the week".- Carmen G, Germany

"It’s so beautiful, it’s a piece of art! Just a pleasure to look at it and also very helpful to help to reflect on things in life that maybe you don’t really pay attention to normally."- Mila N., Russia

"I loved the design and the layout of the workbook. So inviting <3 I also love how it gave me context for the practice/meditation each week- which was very helpful for my understanding & integration"- Runhild P, Norway

What people are saying about the energy transmissions/ meditations:

"The meditations offer very profound experiences and reached me on a very deep level. Through them, a completely new and deep reflection opens up."-Sabine B, Germany

"These meditations are always such a pleasure. They are truly transformative! Thank you so much for giving us this beautiful gift."- Becky, USA

"Wow!! Outstanding meditation! I cannot express how grateful I am for this meditation."- Karl, USA

"I loved each and every one of them."- Valerie D, France

"I absolutely loved it! I thought it was excellent, I definitely have so much to think about after this! So beautiful thank you so much!!"- LooseLeafQueen,USA

"Beautiful."- Whitney, USA

"They were all so powerful!"- Runhild P, Norway

"The meditations are really powerful, I loved them, they really rewrite our programming."- Mila N, Russia
"I loved them all!"- Hitomi N, Belgium
"What an absolutely beautiful meditation! So powerful, yet so gentle. Thank you for your work."- Becky, USA

What people are saying about the group coaching calls:

"The group calls were wonderful. When everyone shared their battles it made me feel that I am not alone. They gave me more courage to be more true to myself and more brave/bold to discover my purpose of existence."- Hitomi N., Belgium
"It was really very interesting to hear other people’s processes as it also helped to think and reflect about myself. It was great to share what I go through and I was amazed how deep the work was! And it was amazing to see how Evelyn held the space and found words of support for each and every one! It was such a beautiful process."- Mila N., Russia
"I liked the calls very much. It was so wonderful to hear other people's journeys and how much they resonate as well. By speaking or knowing I would speak helped me self-reflect further and bring insights. The calls helped 'land' the information. There are so many positives. Evelyn holds space very well for the group. It felt comfortable and safe to share."- Yassica, England 

"Listening to the others was really supportive, in that almost every sharing had something in it for me as well. I loved how you gave context and explanations to everyone. Really really helpful!"- Runhild P, Norway

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