Viniyoga Therapy- an ancient holistic healing modality for challenging times 

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🔆 Do you suffer from diseases and would like to address them holistically?

🔆 Are you at a challenging point in your life and need assistance for the next steps?

🔆 Do you want to go deeper into personal development, grow your awareness and transcend limiting beliefs?

🔆 Are you spiritually awakening and need someone who understands and assists your experience?

🔆 Are you stressed or burned out and need a strategy that helps you unwind?

🔆 Have you experienced trauma and would like to work on it in a gentle, non-invasive, and holistic way?

🔆 Do you like to experience a therapeutic modality that combines counseling, bodywork, as well as mental strategies?

🔆 Would you like to work with an ancient holistic healing modality that works with the body, the mind, the psyche, the emotions, and the spirit?

🔆 Then Yoga therapy is perfect for YOU!

"I know and work with Evelyn since April 2018. From the first session onwards I felt 100 percent accepted and understood by her. Evelyn has an incredibly deep empathic capacity and intuitively senses what is happening inside of me.

She always finds the right words that have really helped me through difficult situations and processes that I went through. She also manages to clarify my (often unconscious) emotions, so that I have a much greater awareness of that which is unconscious. To talk with her is good for the soul and after each class, I always feel much lighter.

The yoga therapy classes that she designs for me after the session are truly indescribable. They are PURE MAGIC.

I practice Yoga for many years, but what happened through the yoga therapy process I would have not thought possible before. I managed to heal a chronic ailment that wasn’t taken seriously by any doctor. Through the Yoga therapeutic practice, a deep understanding of the own body arises, of the mind, your own behaviors, and emotions and you learn how to become aware of them and deal with them.

Furthermore, in every acute emergency situation, Evelyn was always present and gave me through practices and the right words stability.

You have to experience it for yourself and you have to feel what Evelyn and her yoga programs can do for you. From my heart, I can only recommend you to take a leap and try them. She is a total gift for everyone!

-Carmen G, Germany

What is Viniyoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is an ancient, holistic healing modality also called Yoga Cikitsa or Yoga Cikitsaka. A part of the Yogic science was dedicated to addressing diseases and imbalances in the body, mind, or emotions. As a Yoga therapist, I use the tools of Yoga for healing and transformation. Yoga therapy is a gentle yet powerful way how to address your suffering. Yogatherapy is always individualized and I will holistically check in with your very specific needs.

Yoga Therapy only works with tools that are inherent to your own being: your body, your breath, your voice, your energy body, your mind. Yogacharya T. Krishnamacharya referred to Yogatherapy as surgery without incision. 

Yoga Therapy is for everyone at any age, as it offers a whole range of tools that are chosen for each person individually and according to your needs.

Therefore it can but must not contain asanas, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, bhavana (visualizations), mudras and bandhas (energetic locks), nyasa (placements), mantras, ahara niyama (diet recommendations) and vihara niyama (lifestyle recommendations). 

I am a certified Viniyoga therapist in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar and have studied extensively under Dr. Kausthub and Menaka Desikachar in Chennai, India. A Yoga therapist in the Viniyoga tradition goes through 3 years of extensive training, supervision, and mentoring.

I am also a mentor for Yoga therapists in training.

A session usually starts with getting to know you, understanding your suffering and your current needs. I will come up with a very specific individualized practice that addresses your situation on a holistic level. Then, there are follow-up sessions to accompany your healing process.


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"After three miscarriages within one year, my repressed grief hit me like a hammer. I was suffering from anxieties, inner tensions, heart palpitations, and was continuously feeling overwhelmed and near tears. I wasn't myself anymore.

Until I got the advice from a good friend (who also went through suffering) to try out yoga therapy. She gave me Evelyn's email and this is how I came in contact with her work. After an extensive anamnesis and getting to know each other, I immediately trusted her.

A couple of days later I received my individualized yoga therapeutic practice. I practiced it diligently and felt a remarkable change within four weeks. The practice was supported by regular meetings with Evelyn as well as email exchanges. I was given a structure that I could hold on to and Evelyn managed to bring me back to self-trust and self-love, both of which helped me to allow and address my fears. I know now that it's normal for the grief process and that grieving takes time. I can only recommend her to anyone, no matter what you are suffering from or going through.

Thank you so much for everything. You were heaven-sent."

-Silke N., Germany 

The Viniyoga Tradition of T. Krishnamacharya 

Yogacharya T. Krishnamacharya was one of the most influential Yoga teachers of the modern era. He was a scholar, a teacher, an astrologer, a healer and a polymath. He addressed people according to their needs. His motto was: "Teach what is inside you. Not as it applies to you, but as it applies to the other." His son TKV Desikachar founded the first Yogatherapy clinic in India in 1976 and was instrumental in bringing Yoga as a healing modality to the Western world. I feel fortunate to study in this tradition under the guidance of Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, son of TKV Desikachar and grandson of T.Krishnamacharya. I am a certified Viniyoga therapist and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

What are the costs for Yoga therapy sessions?


5 Sessions Package: 1200 Euros

10 Sessions Package: 2000 Euros

I the first session we will assess your current symptoms, needs, and life circumstances.

In the second session, I will teach you your individualized yoga therapeutic practice.

The following sessions are follow-ups in which we discuss the progress of your journey and adapt the practice.

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"I honestly couldn't think of a life without yoga and yoga therapy anymore. With Yoga therapy, I am confronting my inner limitations and am becoming more able to live life to its fullest. And even more importantly, I start living my own potential.

It is a slow process that takes a lot of focus and unraveling, but also a very beautiful one.

Evelyn is not only my teacher but also my mentor for the yoga therapy training and I couldn't be happier. As someone originating from Germany and tapping into these more oriental and alternative practices, she completely understands where I am coming from and how and when I need explanations. She makes me see things in a different way and shows me new approaches to all parts of life.

We mostly meet once a month to see if my practice is still applicable, how it is working for me and what else has happened in my life. These days we also discuss the clients that I introduced to the ways of viniyoga. Evelyn works in a very holistic way addressing all parts body, mind, and soul and I couldn't be more grateful for her mentorship."

-Anna K., Austria 

Where can Yoga therapy be helpful?

In any situation, difficulty, disease, transitional period, or moment in your life in which you feel you need support. This can be the wish for pregnancy as much as a debilitating disease, a spiritual awakening, or a tough emotional time. Yoga therapy can also be used complementary to other medicinal or healing modalities. If you are unsure if Yoga therapy is the right choice for your situation, I offer a 15-minute free consultation over Zoom. You will have a chance to ask your questions about the process and get to know me.

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Mental difficulties such as anxiety, negativity

Emotional problems such as loss, grief, stress, burn-out

Physical pains such as low back pains, arthritis, scoliosis

Psycho-spiritual challenges such as awakening and ascension symptoms

Yes I want to start with my own Yoga therapy!

Who can do yoga therapy?

Everyone can utilize Yoga therapy, independent of age, gender, flexibility, or strength. You do not have to have any experience with Yoga to book a Yoga therapy session. In Yoga therapy, you do not have to meet a practice, but actually, the practice needs to be designed so that it suits YOU!


"Evelyn has a great capacity to calmly and peacefully welcome and embrace someone as a client. My impression is that with her wise eyes, she is able to see me holistically. In her presence, I feel protected and safe.

I am well aware of the qualities that good coaches and mentors are supposed to have, but Evelyn has more. It seems that she is able to empty herself to fully capture her client's (my) essence.

She understands my qualities and difficulties not only from a physical

and material point of view but also from an energetic point, capturing my soul essence. In the intensive moments of the therapy, layers of my Self are revealed easily to me.

Every other session I receive a yoga therapeutic practice that is individually designed to tackle my specific needs, purpose, goals, and struggles. In the sessions, we also analyze my current state and progress of the previous practice and Evelyn makes sure that the chosen energetic and physical exercises are fulfilling their purpose.

When we started with the therapy process, the practices were supporting me through my pregnancy and my present life hustles. Evelyn was accompanying my pregnancy and the postpartum period and even though I have had a structurally and financially harsh time, I had a wonderful pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time.

The practices that were given to me and the counseling sessions were a giant support during all this time. The practices included the chanting of little mantras that soothed my nerves and alleviated issues I had carried with me.

As a student of yoga therapy and trainee in the KHYF Yoga therapy training myself, Evelyn also functions as my mentor and I learn from her how to dedicate yourself energetically to a client and how to tackle individual needs and blockages. As a student of hers, I felt warmly accepted and award her as one of my great teachers."

-Kathrin B, LION YOGA, Germany